Who am I ?

Horses have been a part of my life for 35 years.

30 years ago, I became a riding instructor and since then I have wanted to express my love for horses through modeling clay, a look, the movement of a muscle, the power of a horse and its elegance all at once. I have never stopped learning along side them.

Every moment with horses fills my life with joy and I wanted to share this experience with others through my hands.

Cathy Bouat sculpture : Ressentir les chevaux

I feel their attitudes, the power of their comprehension : understanding, anticipating and mainly communicating.

Feeling the tiniest movement, the tiniest look. The world shaped by all these little images in my head, I hope to share with you.

I work with my hands, no moulds, no models, just images of my past with horses. I start with a block of natural clay and I them shape it to allege different behaviors.

I can work to order from a behavior that you would like. There is a delay of three months because the clay has to dry. Two months are necessary so that it does not explode whilst furing. After that it is painted to produce different effects…

Cathy Bouat sculptures

Even though every sculpture is unique, realized by hand, each different behavior sculpted can be reproduced eight times maximum.

All my sculptures can be realized in bronze on order

For each order, the wrapping and sending fees are charged to the buyer. (Estimates gladly given)

Contact : c.bouat@orange.fr